Leadership: Management and Effective Communication Skills Essay

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Being in leadership involves empowerment, effective communication skills and the ability to make good decisions. Every good leader will work to accomplish improvements in the areas they see ineffective. It is very important to have good communication skills to build quality empowerment to make a company success. According to Larable, empowerment can be defined as follows: To give power to; to enable or permit; to give authority to or authorize” (Larable, 2011). So being able to empower a leader, there should be effectiveness as a team leader, being able to solve problems, and improve the performance of the team’s future.

The assessment of the effectiveness of the management team at Chattanooga Ice Cream was that there were problems with decision making, making policy and problem solving and setting standards. The company was un-empowered by these characteristics in general. As the reading of the case, the author feels that the Charlie Moore was not as effective as he was or as he could have been. Though, the company was facing some hard times ahead due to the loss of a big account, the organization should have had someone in place to restructure and regroup for a plan “B”.

According to the reading, Charlie found it hard to implement his management style as general manager of his division. Mr. Charlie Moore was not prepared for what had taken place and seemed to always put the blame for errors and problems at the feet of another instead of taking