Leadership: Management and Galvin Leadership Style Essay

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Bob Galvin and Motorola, Inc.

This case is a great example of leadership. Leadership is needed in every area of our lives. Good leadership will give and organization the tools that are needed to keep on growing in the business. In the case Motorola in presented a company with challenges and a leader that took a macro approach to fix the issues that the organization was having. Galvin leadership style was one of listening to his employees and be able to come up with solutions in the time of needs. With his macro style of leadership he was able to influence and quickly find major issues within his organization. Not only he felt responsible for it because of the teachings of his father but he was a man that seems that he was fair. By having his open door policy he was able to identify that the company growth was having an issue in the way they were communicating with their customers. Managers were emphasizing more in the technology area that they had forgotten the relationship with the customer. He was also able to communicate with lower level management because he felt that they were closer to the consumer that top level manager that were more concern with the productivity of the company. He faces a Macro problem and dealt with it in a Micro way. Why? He was communicating at the lunch tables, he will listen to those team members that were send to him. This way he was able to have and effective relationship with those individuals in the organization. He made an effort to listen to those in the organization and come up with the solutions to the problem. His leadership was one of being involved and not allowing others to fix the problems for him. He made the decisions and he got other involve/. Often in leadership we let other to find the answers for the problems and we let others to make decisions that can affect the organization in negative way because they are not aware of the issue in the organization or have the same stakes that main C.E.O has. One example that comes to mind is the recent issue that the United States of America is facing against ISIS. When the president first listens to this group and the advice of others in the defense department he didn’t take any action because he believed that this group was not going to be a threat for this nation. There is a lot of report that states that he was not involved as he was supposed to be involved with this issue. Once he himself was able to see what this group was doing he felt compelled to do something about this. He moves to try to resolve and issue. However, his lack of response at the beginning of the conflict has cause a major international chaos. Same thing in leadership if leadership is not involved since the begging of the issue or problem. The situation could get out of control and it could be them too late to handle causing a disaster. As the company face losses and hard competitions from the Japanese. Galvin was able to identify that the organization had a major structural problem. The way that the company was structure did not promote the connection with the customers that was needed. Here Galvin had the idea that they needed to change the structure of the company. This is where the cause comes. As a leader is important that when one relates a message the message can be relate clear so everyone in the organization will understand what the