Leadership: Management and Gregory P. Smith Essay

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Creative Intelligence and Leadership Paper

This team member has been profiled as an inspirational leader. Inspiration and motivation can be linked as an overall tool to be utilized as an asset in any organization. It is a known fact that, content, energetic, and inspirational leaders are more likely to be superior workers, positive role models and excellent achievers, which will inspire a healthy and positive work environment for both consumers and their employees. Gregory P. Smith comments on the results of one organization's efforts to satisfy employees in the article Happy Employees Make Productive Employees, "When employee attitudes improved by 5%, customer satisfaction jumped 1.3%, consequently increasing revenue by .5%. Seeking ways to motivate and build worker morale pays dividends to any business or organization. The motivated worker is more committed to the job and to the customer." (Gregory P. Smith, 2008)

A motivated workforce which requires inspirational leadership can truly have a major impact on organizational culture and make the workplace an environment in which employees look forward to interacting as a viable team player, verses just a place to pick up a pay check. Organizations motivate employees by investing in them. Motivating people is a passion for this inspirational leader and not just about a financial investment, but also an emotional one. A motivated workforce has more productive employees and this translates into cost savings, and profit. Inspirational leaders can have an impact to inspire or motivate employees by either; behavioral example, recognition of