Leadership: Management and Leaders Essay

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“On Leadership” Peter Drucker talks about what needs to be done and checking the performance of oneself as well as others. Enquiries of who, how, what, when and why are often asked by leaders. Simply stated by Drucker was that leaders do not ask what they need to do but rather what needs to be done. There are questions asked by leaders that are for the up and coming future. They surround themselves with good people that will “lead” them to great things which will make those that surround him good frontrunners to become influential leaders down the road. He talks about how effective leaders check their own presentation and put pen to paper and figure out if they are on track with what they want to accomplish. Drucker has seen a great many of people who can execute their plans or tasks, but are poor at picking what the important things are that need to be done. Leaders can communicate in a sense where the people around them know what the leader would like to perform. Too many leaders try to do multiple things and eventually end up with nothing done. Therefore the reason of having followers makes the leader presentable and to have tasks done. Essentially a leader is a follower that leads his followers. A leader is a person that surrounds him with persons that follow him and help him succeed in responsibilities. A critical inquiry for a select few of leaders is, “When does one stop pouring assets into tasks that have achieved what they were set up for?” Leaders do not have