Essay on Leadership: Management and Professional Life

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DeVry University
Week 5 Assignment

Leadership Tactical planning is defined as “a systematic determination and scheduling of the immediate or short term activities required in achieving the objectives of strategic planning” ( Tactical planning analyses the everyday functioning of the organization. Strategic planning analyses the future. Strategic planning is defined as “a systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them” ( Logistician is defined as “an expert in logistics” ( I feel that I would best be described as a strategic thinker in both my personal and my professional life. I like to describe myself as a strategic thinker because before making any decisions, I try to review all the possible options out there. I try to see what the best as supposed to the other option is. I also try to review the pros and cons to each option and assess where each option would lead me to my long term goals. Even in my professional life, I also try to take into account how each option will affect others with the decision made. Once I finish reviewing my options, I then decide which option would provide the best outcome and then implement that option into my personal or professional life. In some cases, all the three different types of methods can be used. Sometimes this is really hard as a charge nurse and now soon to be assistant nurse care coordinator, to make such decisions and to see whether it would affect anyone in anyway. But I also have to make sure it is the right decision and no issues would incur from it. Some other traits as a strategic thinker would include