Leadership: Management and Wide Variety Essay

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Mgmt 300: Micheal
28th August 2011 In order to be a successful leader a person must be willing and able to work hard, communicate and listen effectively, and eager to adapt to and supervise a wide variety of personalities. The manner with which each person approaches these things may range widely but the principles need to be there. Throughout history leaders have been those with whom others can sense a purpose, strength of character, and strong desire to move forward. Be it for a battle or in the office these same traits are recognized and effective.
Leadership is having expectations that are hard for people to reach, raising those expectations when people come close, and offering praise the whole way. Once a leader allows an associate to reach their initial expectations it becomes harder for them to find ways for that person to grow. The best managers I have worked with have offered praise as it is deserved but have also continued to place new obstacles in the way of those under them in order to grow that persons strengths further. It is in the nature of most people to rise to the levels that are expected of them; therefore it is the job of those people follow to never allow expectations to be met.
Leadership is about knowing the ability of those you lead and how to best focus those skills towards your objective. It is not enough to know what needs to be done, there needs to be an effective plan of action put in place, by the leader, to makes