Leadership Manifesto Essay

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Sarah-Jane Wilkinson
Management Theory in Practise
Sarah-Jane Wilkinson
Management Theory in Practise

LEADERSHIP 4 Leadership and Effective Leadership 4 The Relevance of Leadership in Today’s World 5
ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP 7 Entrepreneurship and its Relevance in Today’s World 7 Entrepreneurial Leadership and its Importance in Today’s World 7
MY LEADERSHIP STYLE AND OVERALL REFLECTION 10 My Experiences with Leadership 10 What Kind of Leader do I Want to be and Why? 13 How Best Can I Become a Leader 13


According to a number of different sources a
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Ideally, an effective leader should be able to adapt and adopt the different styles quite naturally, depending on the situation as well as the individuals involved (Goleman, 2000). Jim Collins, however, suggests that there are different levels of leadership in which level 5 is the most effective, where a blend of extreme personal humility and intense professional will makes up the perfect recipe for effective and successful leadership (Collins, 2001).

As you can see, there are many different ways in which we can define as well as differentiate between ineffective and effective leadership. With this in mind it is difficult to identify the specific formula for becoming an effective leader especially because an effective leader in one organisation might not be as effective or successful in another organisation.

“Successful leadership depends on the quality of attention and intention that the leader brings to any situation. Two leaders in the same circumstances doing the same thing can bring about completely different outcomes, depending on the inner place from which each operates” (Scharmer, 2007).

However, it can be noted that leadership is something that needs to be paid attention to. As it has been pointed out, leadership plays an important role in the success of a team or organisation as well as the success of society and our economy. The next