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Pathways Worksheet
Public Policy

Public Policy Issue #1 Summary:
This year it is estimated that 90 of Albemarle county’s neediest 4 year olds will enter Kindergarten without any preschool experience all because their families were left out of the waiting list. Experts say “children who aren't school ready are less likely to compete in high school and are also likely to cost school divisions more money.” To me, this isn't fair at all because its not a child’s fault that their family canon afford to get them a decent education. I am interested in this topic because I think it’s essential that all kids have an equal chance at getting an education. It’s sad to know that eventually if this continues our nation will just fall apart. We need educated people in our nation in order to have a strong place to live and prosper.
Whatever we end up doing to fix this problem I think we should do it as fast as we can. Article Citation: Title: Families left out of Albermarle pre-K program
Author: Tim Shea Public Policy Issue #2 Summary:
This topic is about expanding the language expansion program in Albemarle county’s schools. In the future, more and more students might be able to receive instructions in a language other than english. I think this is an interesting topic because to me, I think having the opportunity to learn more languages and expand your mind. This is an excellent opportunity to give to students. As much as I believe that learning new languages is important I do think there are more important issues that we should address now. As a community, we should plan to eventually make this change in the future. !

Article Citation: Title: Albemarle schools eye world language expansion Author:
Time Shea Community Engagement/Social Justice:

Community Engagement/Social Justice #1 Summary:
This article addresses the problem of homelessness in our community. Chronic homelessness in our nation is up 27% and it just continues to grow here in
Charlottesville. There are many reasons for these homeless people: panhandling, metal illnesses, substance abuse and many others. Within the last 3 years, PACEM has seen about 220 people each year and the numbers aren't decreasing. Colleen
Keller says: “the issue here in our community isn't finding a bed or those in need; its breaking the cycle of homelessness. We have terrific shelters and outreach programs but we don't have a plan for people to move on.” This topic really interests me because I definitely have seen the numbers grow here in Charlottesville. I do think this is a major problem and we need to make the extra step in order to close it off. iI do agree with the fact that we are trying to help this issue but I wold like to see people making the final move to fix it.
Article Citation: Title: Seeking solutions to homelessness in Charlottesvillle
Author: NBC29

Community Engagement/Social Justice #2 Summary:
This article talks about a new mental health program in Charlottesville. There is