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Part II.

3. Juliette Gordon Row is recognized as the founder of the first Girl Scout group in the United States. In 1912, during a visit to her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, she organized what ultimately became a 3.2 million member program.

4. Leaders in general usually influence others within their professional and personal tasks. For example, some technical functions of a leader include, planning programs. This will provide a recreation experience for those within the community. Another function would include, organizational management. Organizational management would include, budgeting, staffing, scheduling, training, public relations, and marketing. Evaluations are also another function of a leader. Most leaders evaluate their staff, programs and facility maintenance. The last technical function of a leader would be general office tasks.

5. The Path-Goal theory relates to my after-school program in that we want the children to listen and follow our rules so that it is a safe and fun place for them to come each day. Our path that we would take is that of a Directive Leader.

9. The four steps to an ethical decision are: 1. Test for expected results-imagine the possible outcomes for a specific action. 2. Test for policies and procedures-do we have rules in place when doing something within the organization such as hiring staff within the organization first. 3. Test for organizational values-written social contract between its members or employees. 4. Test for personal conviction-our decisions are guided by our personal values and beliefs.

11. Decision making is the mental processes that result in the selection of what to do within the realm of several scenarios. The decision making process includes, setting goals for what an optimal decision