Leadership Models Essay

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Models and Theories
An Overview

Objective s Find out how different leadership models and theories have emerged in the last 80 years plus based on research
Critically reflect on the different models and theories and apply them in a different range of context in the future
Appreciate the different leadership models and theories and realize their strengths and weaknesses in relation to one’s personal brand of leadership

questions, conclusions, comments


one’s leadership tests results

an al y e z

appropriat e one’s experience and definition of leadership te la re

Process re- research findings y if ar cl reflection and sharing K-W-L what do I KNOW about leadership models and theories? what do I WANT to know about leadership models and theories?
What did I LEARN about leadership models and theories?

Models and Theories of Leadership

Trait Theory (30’s)
Behavioral Theory
(40’s and 50’s)

Contingency Theory
(60s and 70s)
Theory (80s up)
Others: emergent, distributed, shared, level 5 leadership, etc. Theories of
Leadership (focus
of research)

trait s Behaviora l skills

follower s Contingency



styles/types of leaders ethical

defining leadership what is it all about?

QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.

Imagining Leadership
What does leadership look like?

Leadershi p what is leadership? what are some of the needed capabilities in being a leader today? (cf.
Test 1)

Reflection 1
Looking at test 1 - divide which capabilities refer to a) personal, b) interpersonal, c) cognitive, and d) skills and knowledge (do your best) Choose 2 CEOs from Article 1 and relate it to
TEST 1 ranking leadership capabilities and your definition Figure out what capabilities these CEOs have based on your choices and definition of leadership Discuss your answers with the group

what we do when we lead? what is expected of us when we lead?

4 Main Functions
Emotional Stimulation
Meaning Attribution

emotional stimulation executive function

caring function

meaning attribution

Reflection 2
Looking at test 2 - what are the leadership functions that I am most comfortable with? least comfortable with?
Based on the 2 CEOs chosen from Article 1 relate it now to the 4 main functions of leadership Figure out what leadership functions these
CEOs exercised. Refer to test 2 to review some items
Discuss your answers with the group

high in caring high in meaning attribution moderate in emotional stimulation moderate in executive function Trait Theory a theory that concerns itself solely with leader characteristics
(Stogdill, 1948; Mann
studies identified certain personal characteristics that appear to differentiate leaders from followers basic premise is that leaders are born

Reflection 3
Looking at test 3 - what are the leadership traits that I consider my strengths? my limitations? Based on the 2 CEOs chosen from Article 1 relate it now to the leadership traits
Figure out what leadership traits these
CEOs would demonstrate during their life.
Refer to test 3
Discuss your answers with the group

Contribution of the
Trait Theory

Identified certain characteristics of the person as essential in demonstrating leadership behavior
Leadership behavior - facilitating goal attainment and recruitment of followers regardless of the context (5 usual traits)
self-confidence determination integrity sociability Which do you prefer? Candidate A - Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologists. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks quite a few martinis a day.

Franklin Rooselvelt
Candidate B - He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a great deal of whisky every evening. Winston Churchill

Candidate C - He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian,