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Topic 1: A managerial problem or leadership challenge that is current in your agency. It could be for a leader one or more levels above you or one you are facing/have faced personally.
Our company named X started a new project, it is about to develop a new platform in the field of computers, serves to everyone who is even new to a computer. For this project our company invested a lot and employed 30000 employees all over the world, most of them from India, America, Europe and China. To operate the project in a prominent way our company have set up offices in these four locations and the whole project is dived between a no of groups. As our project goes for a while there`s a dissatisfaction of working in each and every team which caused a delay in processing remaining tasks to reach the goal.
On keen observation I am working as a Manager in India notice that there is a miscommunication between two departments located in two different locations which is not possibly I can manage and deal with it. As every department is interlinked, this caused a high risk in managing the project, almost stakeholders and investors went back during the project initiation phase. During this process time there are many things occurred in the company which caused a drastic change. 1. There are many employees who finished their training phase and waiting for their task which is delayed by other teams located internationally. 2. This caused to extend training phase for newly hired employees and filtering some of employee by arranging some special test, this caused a negative impression on company for future recruitment and in different consulting groups for acquiring new projects. 3. Finally, our company has put in a big trouble which in turn effected local departments in almost all international locations.
The main reason is about miscommunication where the managers over their locations couldn’t able to communicate about the actual task in the project which caused to a several repetitions in most of the tasks. On the final evaluation of a particular task, the work groups are facing trouble in delivering those tasks and they are dissatisfied working in project. This whole process even affected other stakeholders as their part of work is also dependent individual groups.
After considering these problems in our organization there are certain challenges for managers such as how to organize so that everything
What are two or three possible solution/strategies to this challenge? The solutions/strategies should be independent of one another and each should be sufficient to solve the challenge. Lay out the objective criteria you will use to assess the solutions proposed. Make sure you cover the pros and cons of each solution.
Option 1: By having diversity in work teams especially, all the managers in any location should be from different countries and in work teams.
Pros: Diversity in a team will help in better communicating with other international locations. The company does not have to arrange for consultant which is a burden for a company on its expenses. A manager who has diversity roles can directly access their employees compared with consultants who require some consultation hours.
Cons: Because of diversity in a team there are likely to have more arguments between group members. There will be a special concern on individuals of same nationality who are more in number.
Option 2: By recording each session and maintaining the track record of the task should be prominently done.
Pros: If every session is recorded there is a great advantage such that every employee can access to those recordings anytime and they will have a clear understanding of the task for which they are assigned to do.
Cons: By recorded sessions there will be a chance to leakage of confidential information as it is most important for companies to maintain their projects information securely until their launch.
Option 3: Having highly qualified and diverse HR team