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During the class, the professor offered us plenty of knowledge and information concerned with the leadership. What’s leadership? What type of the leadership do you have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your leadership? Since the leadership has something to do with plenty of elements: leaders, followers, and conditions and so on; therefore, the leadership is depends on the situation. In this paper, I will explain the general idea about the leadership from the class, pointing the leadership issues from my own experience, and making a development plan of my own leadership. To begin with, leadership can inherent from one’s nature or develop by oneself and therefore everybody have their own leadership, utilizing the proper leadership to guide the followers is significance and it should depend on the different situation. What’s more, the historical figures have the remarkable leadership, although these historical figures are individual, they have the same characteristics in their leadership. Furthermore, people’s behaviors can divide in to Theory X and Theory Y, different behaviors will influence not only in one’s leadership style but also in one’s subordinates; when it comes to the leadership style: authoritarian, democratic and Laissez-Faire, every style can contribute different effects on the followers, generating different contributions in the group. Lastly, the effective leader should know how to strike a balance between task-oriented and relationship-oriented; by means of these knowledge, I can not only review my experience to examine my leadership style but also make a plan to enhance my leadership ability in the future. From the statement of my experience, I believe that the period of military service provides me with the significant experience concerned with the leadership. At first, I required receiving the training in the boot camp when I was a recruit; in the boot camp, every chiefs are the authoritarian leaders since they think that all the recruits are the people of Theory X, it means that the recruits are extremely untrained and clumsy; hence, not only will they control the recruits’ daily life, but also they will offer plenty of directions to the recruits. Because of this, living in the boot camp is an ordeal to recruits. Although plenty of chiefs in the boot camp are the authoritarian leaders, there is a totally different situation after recruits distribute to their own units. In the independence unit, the atmosphere is like a small society with various leadership styles. Some of chiefs still express as an authoritarian leaders in boot camp so that they will try to control the soldiers. The other chiefs are the