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Each school year leadership team is comprised of administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Although the THS leadership team is not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the school, it is involved in a number of tasks that affect the operation of the school. The first goal of the leadership team was to prepare for the scholastic audit that would take place on November 26-30, 2011. The last scholastic audit of our school was in 2007 and the findings did not reflect THS in a positive light. Preparing for the audit required a significant amount of time and gathering of information by team members from teachers and staff.

The leadership team divided all of the information/data to be collected into four groups. Each group member had specified materials to collect. Examples of some material to be collected included: lesson plans, school and district policies, student work samples, and syllabi. We also were responsible for administering and collecting teacher and student surveys.

The principal and specialists scheduled workshops for November 19-20, 2012. Thu purpose of this workshop was for the leadership team to work in a collaborative effort with the staff in prioritizing scholastic audit indicators in order to write the Priority Improvement Plan (PIP). In this process, teachers were divided into four groups which included at least one member of the leadership team. First, each group chose the five indicators that were achievable within the current school year. Second, each group prioritized the selected indicators with the coaching of a leadership team member, Estelle Mathis who is the supplemental provider consultant, and Ms. Pepper who is the state department facilitator. At