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“If I could get organized” by Baidurya Mukherjee
There may be nothing wrong with you
The way you live the work you do,
But I can surely plainly see
Exactly what is wrong with me.
With you there may be nothing wrong,
But here's my trouble all along
I do the thing that don't amount
To very much with no account.
It isn't that I'm indolent or dodging duties quite intent
I work as hard as anyone
And yet I get so little done
I nibble this, I nibble that but never finish what I'm at.
The morning goes the noon is near
Before I know the night is near.
And all around me I regret
The things I haven't finished yet.
If I could just get organized
I oftentimes may realize
Not all that matters is the man
The man must also have a plan
It really seems important though
I let a lot of matters go and all around me I neglect the things I haven't finished yet.
I work as hard as anyone
And yet I get so little done
I'd do so much you'd be surprised
If I could just get organized.

How To Be Awesomely Organized
1. Create a To-Do List
A to-do list is extremely important if you want to keep your days in line and make sure that you get everything done. While you certainly can keep a pen and paper with you at all times, there are phone apps you can use instead. These apps track your to-do list and even remind you about deadlines so that you don’t forget things. There are also computer software programs you can use to write and track things you need to get done.
Tip: Try to minimize this list to four or less things, or else you could end up becoming overwhelmed.
2. Find Places for Things
At home you should have things to put your trash, laundry, toiletries and other items. In the office you should have bins for things you’ve done, things you need to get done and everything else. Make sure you can easily access the things that you use most often, as this will save you a lot of time. Tip:
Purchase organization products; they are well worth the investment.
3. Get Rid of Clutter
A lot of people hang onto things that they think they “might need/use” later on. Unfortunately these cause a lot of clutter and generally never end up being used. Simplify your life by getting rid of clutter

and letting it go! When you’re not focused on the clutter, you will be more focused on things you need to get done right now.
4. Get Things Done Right Away
Procrastination is only going to cause you problems, so this is a trait you definitely need to change.
Get things done as soon as you can, rather than putting them off until later on. Not only will this help you be more organized, it will also reduce the amount of time you waste during the day.Tip: It’s especially helpful to do things that you don’t want to do right away. Knock out the worst things first so the rest seems easier.
5. Color Code Tasks
If you truly can’t get to something right away, like a paper you have to review, then put it into a color coded folder. For example, red could be urgent matters that need to get done ASAP and green can be things you need to get done within the next week.
These can be kept in your briefcase, office or even your home to make sure you see them throughout the day. If colour codes don’t quite get you there, then draw little pictures on them to inspire you to work through your daily tasks, this works for me.
6. Keep a Schedule
Write down dates of things that you have to do, like pay bills or turn in huge projects. You should also keep track of meetings and set alerts ahead of time so you are sure you are prepared in advance.Tip:
Use a dry erase calender so you can easily add, remove and edit things on your schedule. Or use a phone app so you can easily track and remind yourself of things you need to get done.
7. Create Small Goals
When you make huge goals that are difficult to accomplish you could end up not meeting them because you become overwhelmed. Small