Essay on Leadership: Psychology and Different Leadership Styles

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Individual Report

Throughout the course of the semester, the framework of the class was designed to allow each and every student to practice and experience various forms of leadership or supervision. Through this opportunity I was able to identify that different leadership styles work best for different people and different situations. In our text, leadership is defined as a process in which an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. I implemented various traits such as self-confidence, integrity, intelligence and determination throughout the course of the class and group project. I was able to influence my team through personal power. Exemplifying referent power with my group along with great sociability led me to better indentify that I best demonstrate factors of a transformational leader. Through self-confidence and sociability, I was able to break the ice and get to know my group on a less formal level. I used the individualized consideration factor of transformational leadership to get to know my team on a personal basis. I was able to identify their individual needs and preferences. I was also able to determine how they communicated best with others. I would treat each individual in a unique way that worked best for them and for the best output of the team. For example, with Annette and Ilana, a text message was the best way to get myself in contact with them. On the other hand, I would generally give Chris a phone call as this was a preferred way for him to communicate with others. In doing so I was able to more efficiently communicate my ideas as well as provide feedback to their ideas to continue to move our project towards completion. Out of all the material