Leadership: Quincy, Massachusetts and Saxophone Section Leader Essay

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What is a leader but a vessel to carry his followers to success and to facilitate the process in which they achieve greatness? A leader is consistent, confident, and reliable—a stronghold in adversity. Calling on to his or her followers with not just words, but with actions- showing them how to persist and persevere, pushing them to and past their potential. A leader is not a ruler. Rulers, kings, and tyrants control with force and fear in order to instill obedience. A leader does need to use such coercive measures, instead they make you want what they want, not because there is punishment otherwise, but because you both strive for the same goal. In the end, a good leader is responsible for the success of both the present and future. As saxophone section leader in the marching band, it’s my job to ensure that my section learns their music and sets as well as keep up morale. I do not have the power to motivate with punishment as a student, instead I must find other methods. During a hot outside rehearsal, I do not sit down for a break but instead continue to march with enthusiasm. Doing this sets an example of what is expected and show what is possible. There are days we do not have full band rehearsal so I hold my own saxophone rehearsals. The rehearsals are not mandatory, but the section wants to be there because they want me to help them excel. I walk them through musical techniques that can be applied beyond just marching season. As John Quincy Adams once said, “If