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Leadership Essay
Jalen Marlowe
Leadership to me is the responsibility a person gains to help a group of individuals achieve personal and group made goals. Being a leader does not mean you get to bend the rules or you get to get out of doing something. A leader finds ways to help a group by finding newer and, effective ways to get things done. Aspects of my personality that would make me a good leader is that I am very understanding, hardworking, determined, and friendly. A leader has to understand that group that he or she is leading cannot always have a great big happy attitude every day. I will admit high school is rough and the last thing an incoming freshman or anyone needs is one of their own classmates harping them on the smallest things, so if something looks wrong you might want to pull them to the side and ask if everything is okay. As a leader, you will have to look out for the people in your section. Another attribute a leader needs is to know when to put a cap on the fun time and act serious and get things done. My parents always told me “There is always a time and place for fun and to be serious”. The main key to being a leader is to be hardworking and determined. A leader has to have a very hard drive to get things done and get them right. To add my own mix to a leadership role, a leader must be open. On and off the field lower classmen and upper classmen look up to you and if you are a hard-nosed, always-mean leader, no one will be your friend outside of band. My mentality is that off the field and just hanging out with your section where you can relax and have some fun then on the other hand, when you are out on the field or in a sectional, you need to be on a warpath. Leaders will struggle with things such as a marcher that does not want to cooperate. A time I struggled was recent when the new track coach came in I had to change almost everything so he would be satisfied with my performance. It was very hard getting used to his coaching methods and strategies. However, the thing that kept me moving and getting through that struggle was the fact that I wanted to be at the state meet and see myself succeed. The same thing carries over into band. You might not want to practice but if a superior plaque is what you want then you are going to have to practice whether if you like it or not. If you can visualize yourself at the end of the band season with that plaque over your head and see everyone in the band, hugging and smiling it will all be worth it. The thing that helps me out during a struggling period is the fact that if I do it everyone will benefit from it. The biggest challenge the band is facing next year is the fact that we had one of the best seasons ever. It will be one tough act to follow. Nevertheless, I know that our band is up for the challenge. Of course, the band will have to stay strong no matter what. We have to step up our practice hours and possibly hold after school sectionals. The band did big things this year and senior class left with a bang, the way they