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Essay on Leadership
Not every person is able to be a leader. Some people are born to be leaders: they are ambitious, knowledgeable, driven to learn something new and, most importantly, know how to set goals and guide people to meet those goals. Other people are followers and prefer to stay in the shadow of the team: they prefer being given a detailed guidance on what and how to do. I belong to the first group of people, leaders, and I am not afraid to assume responsibility for the results of my leadership. Being a leader, I try to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the people I lead in order to elevate the potential of the team and achieve the set goals and objectives effectively and efficiently.

Recently, I had a project, SAP BW Rollout, for Adidas in Italy. The project manager became ill and had to assume the role of the leader until the end of the project. I have been the leading the Italian team (even though I am from Germany) for half a year. Even though I lacked leadership experience on such a scale, I tried very hard to achieve the set goals and got every person of a team involved. I believe that participative leadership, when members of the team have an opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts freely, is the most effective one.

The Adidas project had very tough time lines and not every decision from my side was correct. Despite of all hardships, I finished the project successfully with insignificant delay in time. The part of that success