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Department of Project Management.
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Purpose- The purpose of this paper is to succinctly identify the leadership skills exhibited by individuals in managing projects, after due appraisal of relevant existing literatures on the subject.
Methodology- Relevant peer reviewed journals, articles, books and credible websites were studied in the course of writing the paper.
Research Limitation- The paper was limited to relevant literatures, on the subject which is a contemporary issue in project management.
Findings- Project managers who consistently demonstrate competence in the key leadership skills and qualities listed in this paper are a huge asset to any organization and significantly increase the success of the projects they lead.
Keywords - Project, management, lead, team, skills.

Project management is entirely dependent on an individual with great leadership skills, because without a good team leader, a project is likely to be completed unsuccessfully. Therefore, the successful completion of projects is the primary responsibility and sole concern of the Project Manager, who will have a huge cross to carry, when it comes to making the excellent and right decisions.
However, every project is unique in itself, and some projects will encounter unexpected technical challenges (Albert, 1987). Each project management team is a group of individuals who need motivation and coordination. Proper planning is crucial, but the disposition to adapt to necessary changes and work adequately with people to overcome such challenges is just important. A project manager's mastery of these skills is necessary to be successful in this environment.
Most times, the distinguishing factor between the project that scales through and the project that fails is the sole leadership skills of the project manager and all the skills needed by operations managers of organizations are the same leadership skills needed by the successful project manager (Hans, 1991).

1. Effective Communication
Quoting altogether verbatim the leadership expert Stephen R. Covey, "Seek first to understand, then be understood." This principle is tantamount to effective communication and can make or break success in leadership, teams, and other relationships. Effective communication skills are essential, to enable a project manager to communicate effectively with a broad spectrum of people at different levels within an organization and externally. Covey’s statement seems like such a simple assertion. While in reality, we all struggle with effectively listening to others and in order to lead a project, project managers must be able to clearly communicate their vision, goals, guidelines and expectations to others. The ability to deliver and receive constructive feedback and listen to others is another crucial part of leading a team of individuals. Primarily, being a great communicator is a key property to working well with others in any work environment. If we think of the characteristics of poor listeners, chances are all of those characteristics can apply to each of us at one time or another. Without a doubt, listening is a skill. It can only be learned and should be practiced. The skill of listening is important in all aspects of our life and especially when leading a team. When you listen to another person, you demonstrate respect for that person.
In the same vein, looking at what Henry David Thoreau said, "The greatest compliment ever paid me was when one asked me what I thought and attended to my answer." Effective listening however means actively listening and involves working to overcome many of the barriers to listening by asking questions, removing