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Nicolette Vidal

I found the Leadership Skills Seminar 3 to be very helpful. I found it the most useful out of all 3 seminars, I learned the most, and I enjoyed it for several reasons. When we were instructed to create a support/network system at first I thought it was pointless because I felt I knew who my network was therefore I didn’t need to write it down. I ended up finding out that listing my network wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be because I didn’t have as many people as I would have liked to have.
Writing down my network gave me a chance to see what needed improvement. I specifically liked that we had to separate our network into the sections personal, professional, and planned because it allowed me to pinpoint where exactly I wanted to focus on expanding my network. I also got a lot from the planned section because now I have a concrete list of people that I think it would be beneficial to reach out to and have a relationship with. This is also great because as leaders I think we should always be looking for chances to improve ourselves and that gave me the chance to do that.
Before this class I was aware of some of the helpful resources available to me when looking for a job but I also gained several. I learned about using the websites that the Department of Labor and Glass Door have in order to find information regarding average salaries in the fields I am interested in. I also learned that knowing that information is very important because job prospects will ask how much you would like or expect to get paid to see if they can