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1. How can you be certain you have the time and ability to fulfill the requirements of the offices you are applying for?
I prioritize 4­H above any of the other things I am involved in. Outside of 4­H and school, I take piano and dance lessons, and work a part­time job. While these things are important to me, I am always willing and able to adjust or skip those activities for 4­H. Because of the way my schooling is structured, I am allowed much freedom of time and flexibility of scheduling during weekdays for planning and organizing 4­H events. I already invest large amounts of time into my 4­H projects and activities, the time commitment of a Leadership
Society office will be a seamless addition to my schedule. 2. What office do you want the most and why?
I am most interested in the position of President. There are many reasons why I am interested in this office. One reason is that I have been involved in the Leadership Society since its rebirth last year, I was one of the two 4­H members who helped write the bylaws for the group, therefore I feel that becoming the President of the Leadership Society would be a great way to complete my final year in 4­H. Another reason I am interested is to further improve my parliamentary procedure skills, I am also the President of the Parliamentary Procedure team that will be competing at National Western Roundup in January. My final reason for wanting to become President is the fact that I have been dedicated to the 4­H program for the past eleven years, and I feel that becoming President would be a good way to show my dedication to the
Pueblo County 4­H program.

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3. Describe a 4­H experience you have had that has taught you the most about leadership.
Last year, I had the idea of creating a 4­H art show for 4­Hers enrolled in Visual Arts and
Photography. After talking to people about the art show, the idea transformed to a 4­H art show community service open to all