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U06d1 Assessment
Team Excellence And Collaborative Team Leader Questionnaire
As with the transformational and Authentic Leadership Theory, the Team Leadership is becoming one of the most utilized approaches in organizations to date. Northouse (2013) reports that its use is very popular and being research in a variety of arenas. The Team is defined by Northouse (2013) as being a group of individuals composed of members who are independent thinkers but share common goals within an organization, and are asked to come together for the good of accomplishing a task. Today teams can have various task and labels such as project teams, improvement teams, and task force teams, the list goes on but they all coordinate their individual talents and strengths to accomplish a single goal.
The Team Theory is effective if the leader is task orientated and have what is said as charisma as with the transformational and authentic leader or path- goal leader, where support and direction is provided .In any case Team leadership is still has a underlying contribution to many leadership theories, due to the fact that the leader is still responsible for motivating the team members (staff employees ) to not only participate but applying their expertise and training to accomplish the mission or goals of the ( organization or business), by setting structured boundaries and framework for how the work will be accomplished.
This can be a great teaching and learning tool for me as future business owner serving customer and clients who have deadlines, and by using the team approach I will be able to bring together those who are stakeholders and experts to use their skills and talents to come up with solutions in a timely fashion .The team approach therefore can reduce tine, cost and effort on designs that are not effective or ineffective to accomplish the their mission.
As with any team or group formations there will be a transitional period that will take place before the group becomes fully engaged and productive. Positive psychology is one theory that can be useful and applicable to show how team or groups behave and remain interactive and functional. The Team Excellence And Collaborative Team Leader Questionnaire (TECTQ) an instrument that is used to measure the effectiveness of the leader’s style and approach can demonstrate their mastery of group management. The leader can promotes a healthy and open collaborative dialogue among its team members, by staying positive. The literature reviewed by (Akrivou, K., Boyatzis, R. E., & McLeod, P. L. 2006) suggest that by drawing from positive psychology .and intentional change theory (ICT), which suggest by (Akrivou et al 2006) is a series of various stages of change; each stage is bound by a positive emotional attractor. And they further suggest that positive emotion becomes critical for intentional group development. This intentional change of the team is activated by the team’s ability to draw from the primary motivation and visions of its idea of what the mission is. The literature by (Akrivou et al 2006) also discusses how at the stage of intentional change, if the team is rooted in positive emotion each stage of change expands the team’s conscious awareness, or mindfulness. At this stage the team transformation can be catalyzed and facilitated by formal or informal positive emotional leadership in the team environment (Akrivou et al 2006).
Research by (Xue, Y., Bradley, J., & Liang, H. 2011), investigated the impact of team climate and empowering leadership on team members'