Essay about Leadership: Trust and Leader

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My understandings for a leader to use words to gain support is, a person who knows why they are as an individual and to use their own style of presenting information through their language. Secondly a leader needs the ability to be trusting and a negotiator using good communication skills. Lastly a great leader has to have an positive effect of being a leader and showing their excited side. A leader has to know them self so well that they can present their own style and techniques as an individual. Not second guess their decision and always have the confidence in themselves to hive the people important trustworthy information. Before other people can even have trust in them. A leader has to be self-reliant with good tenacity of just not only themselves but with other people as well. Yes leaders may be puzzled from time to time and make mistakes but that’s the part of being human. A leader is the person who can come back and still have the confidence to jump back and not dwell on the flaws but progress on the goal and happiness. Tying along with confidence within themselves leads to other people trusting them. A leader needs to be trusted by the people within the group, party, etc. Trust is a key thing for people and the more our environment and economy change the bigger impact it makes on people so trust is a big issue when it comes to fallowing a person. Along with trusting you have to have that since of communication with people and having the power to negotiate because everyone is not going to see eye to eye. It’s good to know that you can have a person who is willing to listen to both sides and make a fair arrangement between the two opposing sides. Lastly a leader has to have the effects of being a leader. A leader has to make people feel significant and have a purpose for doing something. They can hear it in the tone of your voice how ready you are for them to take this next step. Make time for that person or group of people feel important to give a great significant amount of