Leadership, Trustworthiness, and Stewardship Essay

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Hunt, W. MGT 7019-8 Leadership, Trustworthiness, and Stewardship (2010) Mentor, Ross, Jane 19-December, 2012

The problem here that needs to be investigated would be with all the troubles in the world today it is hard to trust our leaders such as the President of the United States he is the leader and the citizen’s in this country has to trust him but the thing is the President has to keep his word and our trust but once that trust is broken it is hard to get it back just like businesses today the leader of the company once people have seen not just the leaders of the company but the executives, supervisors, manager, as well as the employees they have to keep the trust of the clients and customers not to mention the behaviors of the business men and women can be out in public cursing, screaming & hollering, stealing, getting drunk and fighting in public just acting a fool to where clients as well as customers will not have anything to do with the business and tell others about the what they had witnessed and that is bad for business.
For example I work for a company called Tarc which is working with children and adults with disabilities and we had to write incident reports, where we took the disabled, how he or she acted out in the community, and other things was all written by hand until paperwork got lost or became missing so there was no report so we could not explain what happened to the paperwork as the other employee had a completely different story from what I told the supervisor as to what happened so they got the new information technology and camera’s installed in the company’s vehicle so the employer could see everything that was going on so there would not be any misunderstanding or one person was trying to get the other employee in some trouble or get the disabled wrote up for things that he or she did not do with technology at least the latest technology will keep everyone informed as well as up to date plus all the information for the company and for the employees are stored.

The problem to be investigated is Leadership, Trustworthiness, and Ethical Stewardship that is the corporate organizations and the technology that is used every day in the world and technology changes just about every day not to mention that men & women go to school to learn about technology , and that there are trained professionals working in this field people can advance in that field according to author (Kuzu, 2009) states that “ the advancement of technological developments has resulted in individuals wanting parallel advanced technologies “. There is not a business in the world today that is not up on the latest information technology without it nor the individuals or businesses to stay in competition their technology has to remain up to date in order to stay afloat some men & women would falsify documents, do illegal things on the job, stealing from the company, being dishonest, cannot be trusted now that technology has changed it is hard to falsify documents, steal items from the company tons of information can be stored on computers so when the information is needed it is right there for the executive’s., manager’s, and employee’s to pull up and review the information, another technology that is very popular is the surveillance camera where it catches everything on film especially when someone is stealing merchandise, personal information just to name, author (Brooks, 2010), stated that “ many of the newer information technologies enable persons to perform unethical, illegal, and deceitful actions “ meaning that there has been some employees that were stealing money or items, giving out information to another company, lying to their superior’s about what he or she has done, and the worse of them all having sex in the building when they should be working, as for a business such as the