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Leadership is a large subject that can be argued to be both easy and difficult. In the book lead simply Sam Parker talks about "how to create that special team of people" through three simple steps: model, connect, involve. It sounds pretty straight forward, but let's analyze why each of these steps work.

Modeling for your group is very important in order to establish what type of environment you want to work in, and what is an appropriate way to act within it. Being a model for your group means you be as committed and consistent in your coaching and developmental efforts as your people to be in their roles and with the people they serve. If you cannot connect with your group however how is your modeling going to be beneficial?

Connecting and getting involved with your group can mean everything. Connecting can make the difference between your group respecting and appreciating you, and Fearing and hating you. Connecting can mean anything from complimenting them on their efforts and just saying hi in the morning. Don't be afraid to ask them how your doing as a leader as well, their output can be very valuable in making you a better and more successful leader.

Involving your group in specific is very important in getting the more engaged their tasks. Things that you can do to help include things such as giving them more opportunities to do something special, talk to them, and most importantly make sure you make time for them. They are the focus and they are the