Leading and Motivating Essay

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Leading and motivating a team effectively

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1.1 Explain the importance of the team having a common sense of purpose that supports the overall vision and strategy of
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It helps maximize productivity, efficiency and workplace harmony while minimising conflict, false assumptions and dissatisfaction.
Communication can occur through a variety of ways depending on personal preference but it is important to choose the right method, medium and style. Any communication should be regular, transparent and goal focused.
Regular communication within, and between teams helps members to maintain focus, allows everyone to keep up to date with progress and ensures that any difficulties can be dealt with promptly.
Transparent communication provides all team members with the same information where possible and keeps all members adequately informed.
Communication processes that are focused and related to team goals encourage team members to similarly remain goal focused.
The method of communication can be verbal or non verbal by speech, writing, illustration, facial expressions. The phone, letters, reports, emails, text are all forms of communication media. The style could be formal or informal, prearranged or as opportunity permits, in a meeting room or across the coffee table.
When conducted with structure and purpose, regular team meetings can be an effective and productive means of team communication. All team members should be aware of the meeting’s purpose. Set an agenda and stick to it. The meeting should remain focused on team goals and objectives. An agenda