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2. Sagan’s quote connects with the themes from “The Allegory of the Cave” by both expressing the voice of a pacifist. In Demon Haunted World, Sagan mentions God’s love placed over both the demon and mankind, and how the ease and pleasure is no lesser in either group. The peace and justice provided by god will also result in a tribes of happy and united men. It can be seen that Sagan is promoting the positive attributes between two opposing group. This can also be seen in The Allegory of the Cave when the author talks about the enlightenment and how he strives to bring up the sense of hope and peacefulness of people when they are caught in an unexpected situation.

7. Given Sagan’s explanation of the witch huns and Shaw’s view, I think the current environment in America could foster the creation of such scams which scapegoat people or financial benefit for benefit. In fact, such crime has already been committed in the dark side of America, and the reason behind is because America provides the best suitable environment for these self-beneficial actions to take place. With Capitalism as a dominating force in the destruction of the beliefs, the hopelessness of the individuals is what continues to encourage them from making certain decisions regarding the ethics that associates with it.

3. I do not find it ironic for demon to mean knowledge because I consider a demon to be a spiritual being, and spiritual beings always possess knowledge no matter if the knowledge is…