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-Keousha Griffin
A: Plan of Investigation
To what extent was the failure and collapse of the League of Nations the cause of World War II?
The purpose of my I.A is to explain the reasons that led up to the causes of World War II and what effects it had on the individuals going through it. The main body of the investigation will include the events that led up to the conflict in the League of Nations and the Locarno Conference that made World War II a big issue. In the paper I will include information on the invasions of Manchuria, Abyssinia, and Munich and the way these events took place and why they took place and the strong affects they had on the League of Nations. Also I will include the strong leaders that partaken entice ruling over their countries and the actions they enforced. Some evidence will include historian accounts of the conflicts and many sources such as books, journals and speeches from overtime. All of the documents will be analyzed through their origin, purpose, value, and limitations all in order to properly evaluate the evidence. Some of the documents will include all of the countries that attended the League of Nations and how it succeeds for a while and how Germany made them noticeable again. An analysis of these documents as well as the summary of evidence will be used for a precise conclusion and evidence on how these leaders and their intense thinking and doing started World War II and how it made the League of Nations collapse.
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Summary Evidence
When the League of Nations came into to place it had every right to be a failure. During the 1920’s the failures of the League of Nations were essentially small-scale and did not threaten world peace. Due to all the failures toward the Treaty of Versailles in many countries that made the League even weaker than it was. There was one goal for the League and it was not accomplished at all so this made it a huge failure. The first crisis The first crisis The first crisis The first crisis The first crisis The first crisis The first crisis The first crisis the League had to face was in north Italy In 1919, Italian nationalists, angered that the