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What is Cosmological Argument?

The word ‘cosmos’ refers to the universe as an ordered, harmonious and holistic entity. The cosmological argument therefore argues for the existence of God a posterior based on the apparent order in the universe. There was a Saint called St. Thomas Aquinas born 1225 March 7th and he died 1274. He is the idea that philosophy can help us come to a better understanding of theology- the study of God. Aquinas asked this question “is it obvious that there is a God?” he then answered “no”. Then he asked “can it be made obvious?” Aquinas believed that, since the universe is God’s creation, evidence of God’s existence can be found in his creation using intellect reason.

There was a cosmological argument about the existence of God; many people say there is a beginning so obviously someone or something created the world therefore the universe had a cause. That cause, being outside the universe, is God. Some people argue things are caused by other things; this doesn’t solve the problem because the things that were caused were caused by something else (for they have not always existed). Each tree had its beginning in a seed (the “cause of the tree). But every seed had its beginning (“cause”) in another tree.

What is the design argument?

The design argument is the simplest, most straight forward argument for the existence of God. Unlike the cosmological argument, the design argument can be stated in a few, easy-to-understand steps. The argument states, “Everything that had a beginning had a cause. The universe had a beginning. Therefore, the universe had a cause.”

The universe had a beginning. Therefore, the universe had a cause.” The design argument is concerned to find the meaning or purpose in this world; they seek to move from facts about the world