Leaning: Audio Engineering and Recording Connection Essay

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I. Career
II. Qualifications
Job Description: Writers and editors can be divided into three categories. Writers and Authors produce content for print media, Online Media, television, movies and radio. Editors evaluate and select content for publication.
Employment Facts: Writers and authors held about 152,000 jobs while editors held about 130,000 jobs in 2008. Technical writers held about 49,000 jobs.
Educational Requirements: Many employers prefer to hire writers and editors with a college degree, generally in communications, English or Journalism. Sometimes a liberal arts degree will suffice.
Other Requirements: An affinity for writing is something those in this field should, without doubt, have. Other necessary traits are the ability to express ideas clearly in writing, good judgment, creativity, self motivation and curiosity. Editors should have the ability to guide others. Unpaid experience, such as that gained through internships and writing for school newspapers, is valuable.
College for this Career: CHARLOTTE RECORDING SCHOOL BY THE CHARLOTTE RECORDING CONNECTION III. Classes to Graduate * Audio Engineering * Music Producing * Live Sound Engineer * Music Composition * Studio Ownership * Chief Audio Engineer * Assistant Engineer * Music Supervising * Post Audio for Film * Arranging * Mixing * Mastering

IV. Years of College to Complete study
Only for 4 years At least V. Does it Require a Internship or Residency
VI. Annual Salary
$40,000 and up to millions