Learn The Basics Of Preventing Or Managing Diabetes

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Rising Epidemic
Learn the Basics of Preventing or Managing Diabetes
Ashley Johnson's Rising Epidemic first appeared in the magazine Family Safety and Health in the summer of 2013. In this article Johnson aims to convince non-specialists, and adults interested in the prevention and management of diabetes that this is an epidemic that is increasing and “by 2050, as many as one out of three adult Americans may have diabetes.”Johnson’s goal is to inform and persuade the readers about this chonic condition and the effects that this disease can have on people. In order to acomplish her goal, Johnson appeals to different rhetotical strategies that would deliver the information in a systematic and persuasive manner. Some of the strategies include: Pathos or emotional appeals, appeals to an audience’s needs, values and emotional sensibilities. Logos: Appeal to reason relies on logic or reason. Word choice: Specific choice of words to express ideas clearly. Supports like statistics, visuals, interpretations and judgment that appeal to pathos. These are some of the techniques that Johnson skillfully uses to create a strong, informative and convincing article.
The credibility and the reputation of a writer is one of most essential components in informative works.This appeal to credibility is known as ethos, and it is fundamental to persuade the audience and to achieve the purpose of the article by demonstrating credibility and authority. Ashley Johnson, writer of the article Rising Epidemic not only has more than six years as a writer for the Family Safety and Health Magazine which relies on research to determine optimal solutions to safety issues but, she also is one of the most remarkable writer of Chicago Sun-Times and Aurora Beacon-News newspapers. Rising Epidemic encapsulates the ethos of the writer quite remarkably. Johnson establishes ethos by using familiar language, similar to the audience’s, which helps to their understanding and it also helps the audience to identify with the writer. “When a person has diabetes, his or her blood (glucose) is too high.” Johnson uses medical terminology that most people would be able to understand but, after every complex term she includes a simple explanation of the meaning of the terms. This shows how important it is for her to be able to express for ideas clearly and inform her audience. Thorough out the article the audience is able to see some examples of Johnson’s authority as a writer. “If not properly managed, diabetes can lead to serious complications such as blindness, kidney disease and foot amputation.” This is another effective way that Johnson support her claim.
Appeals to pathos touch a nerve and compel people to not only read, but to also