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Learning aim B: Designing the animation product
Task 1:
a) Describe in detail what the purpose of your animation is:
The purpose of my animation is for it to be put on the school department for performing arts. It will promote the performing arts department and interest people in performing arts. It will get lots of people involved e.g. pupils and actors or actresses could come in to talk about Performing arts and encourage students to get involved. The purpose of my animation is to inform parents and students about performing arts and get them involved. Also it is designed to be interesting so that it advertises performing arts so that people want to learn about performing arts and see what it has to offer. Due to this, performing arts will grow as a department with the increasing number of people wanting to get involved in performing arts.
b) Describe in detail the different members of the audience that your animation has to attract and appeal to:
1. My animation is designed to attract students in our school and encourage them to get involved in performing arts. We are different from other students in other schools because we go to a Catholic school and we have a good school community.
2. Actors, if they like my animation they may come from around our area and may want to get involved in our performing arts department; they might want to help us as a school department by acting out plays we write and helping the students who have taken performing arts perform better.
3. Parents, if my animation attracts parents they will want to get their children involved in performing arts and will tell other parents.
4. Talent spotters, if my animation appeals to talent spotters they will come into the school and have a look at the students taking performing arts and this could lead to them becoming actors or actresses.
5. Teachers, if the teachers like my animation…