Essay on Learning and Camp Fairview Lake

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Demarest Middle School 568 Piermont Rd. Demarest, NJ 07627

Dear Fairview staff,

The adventure of being at Camp Fairview Lake was a very interesting experience. All the staff members and camp counselors treated us with respect and care. I learned many skills and unlocked new knowledge. The trip to Fairview taught me many lessons that I will think about throughout my lifetime. On our trip, I learned so many wonderful things about nature and our environment! There were many group problem-solving activities, which really built new friendships and created strong relationships between my peers and me. In one of our ASE exercises, our team had to figure out how to get through a rope spider web without moving it too much. At first my team felt this was a challenge, but eventually w all worked together and used great teamwork skills to get through the web safely. I know these team-building exercises will stay with me for a very long time.

Not only did I have fun working as a team and playing cool games, I also enjoyed learning about survival in the woods. Separated into teams, we had to build a sturdy skeleton of a shelter for the winter. Gathering leaves and rocks, my tiny group was having a blast! After, we all visited each other’s shelters just to take a look around. This was a fun and creative way to experience surviving with nature’s harsh living conditions. This activity really taught me a lot.

One of the hardest activities, in my opinion,