Essay on Learning and Children

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How to encourage children’s communication and learning using appropriate language. When children are learning through play you need to know how to use.
Open-ended questions
Why, How, Which, What, When
If you ask a child- Do you like that hat? they can answer yes or no, This is not an open ended question. You need to ask- Why do you like that hat? This will encourage more conversation.
Language to extend learning * Encourage children to explore and investigate in their play and really develop what they are learning. New words are often better used in context and children will naturally extent the number of words they are able to use. * When children hear a word in context they are more likely to use it appropriately. * Children usually learn new words through play rather than formal learning. * Books are a good way to introduce new words. * Open ended questions are a way to extent a child’s vocabulary * Activities are also a useful way of extending children’s language * Maths language can be extended through play

Children love to ask questions in order to learn. Group actives like playing musical instruments, taking about a new story, looking at photo’s , talking to a visitor and looking at objects will help to encourage children to ask questions or to be asked an open ended question.

How imaginative play can be used to encourage children’s learning

Imaginative play is an important part of development, you need to consider. *