Essay Learning and Confidence

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Date: Aug. 4, 2013

Professor: April Newman

“The Confidence within” Confidence is the feeling of belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust and the state of feeling certain about the truth of something. I think it is a feeling that you think you are capable of doing something. I had my first confidence boost in the 6th grade with a very special teacher.

School was never fun for me at all. See I was on an IEP and had a reading disability. So I like to live in the shadows and sit in the back of the classroom. It way I hope the teacher wouldn’t see me or even my peers. I always needed extra help or tutoring. Kids would pick on me and call me all kinds of names when they find out about my disability. You could say that my confidence was at an all time low. But all that change my 6th grade year because a friend of the family started to work at the school as a tutor. I would go to her two times out the week and she would help me with my reading. She was the coolest tutor that I ever had and was so motivation. She had away to make me feel like I was the smartest kid in the class and opened me up to the idea of going to collage. From that point on I made a promise to her that I would do my best in school. She always told me that everyone learns different and I just need to find my learning path and that will help me in school.
That year I was on the honor roll and had all the confidence that I needed to do well in school. If it was not for