Learning and Mhc Kenworth Essay

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Internship 1 (DHEM 1133)
Steven Gurley
MHC Kenworth
6141 South 49th West Avenue Tulsa, OK 74131
October 26th-December 21st

Now, MHC Kenworth is a place of great knowledge and success. As being one of the fastest growing Service Repair shops for tractors in the Central area you would expect all of the locations of MHC to have the top Technicians. Even though the Tulsa location has very good Technicians I only expected to learn the basics coming into this first internship. Some of these simple things I figured to be learning were things like clutch adjustments and PM services. Little did I know the mass amounts of knowledge I could be taught in such a short eight weeks. I do believe that my goals that I had coming into this internship were successfully met. In my opinion, even my responsibilities were met. I would say the biggest responsibility I was given would have to be to fulfill every job I was assigned correctly. I was told speed was important but to put quality first until I had done my job for a year or so, which I did what I was told even though I had a small screw up here and there. Another responsibility given to me was as simple as keeping my bay and whatever else I could clean while making acceptable time on my job. I would say my easiest job would have been just taking the customers to a hotel if the Foreman told me to do so. If any other tech in the shop needed some help with a job I was the man they came to. It would help me by them showing me situations and tips for doing that certain job. Many of the jobs I was given were simple but helped in many ways. Now the first week I was back at work I was put on a lot of jobs consisting of things I haven’t done before. Things like replacing yolk seals which I learned could be done a whole lot more simple then I had thought before, also learning how to change an alternator on older tractors while being taught how to adjust the tensioner. Another couple thing I did was replacing fuel lines to the back of the block, replacing heater hoses, fixing air leaks. In that first week the biggest thing I learned would be when I pulled and cleaned a DPF. Learning about the DOC, inlet, and outlet really has helped me when removing the DPF assembly. Cleaning the DPF was a process that is much easier then I would have thought. The cleaner basically tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. The one thing about the process of DPF removal I was not informed on was that it should be marked to make it easier to put back together. I quickly learned how easily it was to improperly install a DPF to make it leak, which this was my only mishap that happened during this first internship. During the second week of work I started in to the PDI’s and PM services. I already knew how to do both of these but now being a little more experienced I started to work on my efficiency while keeping the quality. I have found the most efficient way to complete a service in the fastest time possible is to start off with pulling the oil plug. Now while draining the oil retrieve the filter numbers and get them from parts. After the oil drains replace the filters the start to fill truck with bulk oil. While the oil is being drained out then do all of the other check points on the service sheet. After the oil is put in start up the tractor and let run for approximately two minutes, Shut the tractor off, and while the tractor is shut off grease entire chassis, last is to top off oil and make sure there is no leaks. Now with a PDI it is very easy to complete one in the two hours it gives you to perform. One thing I did learn was how to replace blend door actuators in a 379 Peterbuilt. I was shown that when doing so, you basically have six bolts to remove then slide the casing back to get to it. The third week into work was a simple week in which I did PDI’s all week with just one PM service. Even though I had done PDI’s so many times before I still will learn from them. I now know each…