Learning and Musical Rhythmic Intelligence Essay

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My Values, Interest and Skills

Everyone has different strong values, interest and skills. For me, my strongest values would be reputation and sensitivity; my interests would be artistic and enterprising and my skills are logical mathematical intelligence and musical rhythmic intelligence. In my opinions, I think my strongest values are reputation and sensitivity. I think these values are true for me because I actually really care about how people think and say about me. For example, they may be judge on my dressing today or other thing else. I will have different feelings depends on what positive or negative feedbacks they have given to me. On the other hand, I also like to impress people because I love to be admired by others and I want to give the best impression to other, especially for the first time that me and others are getting to know each other. I think it is very important to make people like you because that means they respect you and we are going to make friends and have a deeper conversation but also relationship. Besides, I think being nice to people is a basic concept, therefore I love to treat people friendly that make them feel good. Sometimes, I will receive both positive and negative comments about me. If it is a positive comment, I love to hear that and I will be exhilarated and feel great. But if it is a negative comment, then I still will accept it because I can learn thing from it and have improvement which makes me to do better next time.

Another value that I mention about is sensitivity. I think I'm a very emotional person which a little thing can make me cry for a whole day. Like when I watched a movie and someone died, I cried because I think that it's touching and tragic, and I feel sad and sympathetic about it. Or may be when I surprised by others, I will cry for happiness. And sometimes I will cry for something happened bad, for example my academic results didn't get 4.0 GPA; I lost my Iphone and purse; and argued with my boyfriend etc. Therefore, for every time I feel sad, I will listen to music and watch some films in order to make myself relax and comfortable.

For my interests, my strongest interests is artistic and enterprising. I definitely agreed with my artistic interest because it said people with artistic interests are like work that deals with the artistic side of things, such as acting, music, art and design. I have passion of music, art and design. In fact, I have learned playing the piano for seven years. Since I moved to the U.S. I got no chance to play it, so I hoped I can play it again one day. Besides, I love to draw things especially animation. When teachers asked us to do some poster or project that with pictures, I always drew them by myself. Even though it used most of my time of the day, I enjoyed and intoxicated with it. In addition, I have a strong interest about designing things like clothes, accessories or houses. I think I may study fashion design or interior design as my minor when I go to college because I love people to wear and admire my designs that can impress people. More important, if I know more about interior design, I can design my own dream house and make it so magnificent and gorgeous. On