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Journal entry 1 session2

With the help of the exercises in this session, I have been able to see where i stand, concerning my learning styles.
After completing the questions i noticed that most of m scores were along the same lines. The Discovery Wheel showed me that I mostly exceed in Note Taking skills and need to improve my test taking skills. I was not surprised to see that note taking was one of my better skills as i taking pride in the note i take. Currently i am in the General Studies- Social Sciences program, but i wish to transfer to the Psychology program. In this field of study, note taking is one of the most important skills. My personal preference of note taking is colour coating my notes into sections and then transferring the main points onto Q-cards in colourful ink so that is stands out. Once again from past experience i was not surprised to see that my test taking skill needed to be improved, based on past experience. During or before a test i almost always tend to over think and feel as though i didn't study enough.
After answering the VAK questions i found out that I am a kinesthetic and visual learner.

Journal entry 3 session6

In order for me to get the most out of studying, it essential that i make a list, layout everything that i need to get done and manage my time properly. i have found that I can be quite the procrastinator at times.
When i comes to projects, essay's and other assignments, i like to get a head start on them the day i receive the outline so that i avoid any last minute mishaps and only need to add final touches.
When it comes to studying for tests, quiz's and exams, i like to have my notes ready at least 4-5 days before. from past experience i have learnt that