Learning and Particular Webquest Essay

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During my search of finding a WebQuest that I felt effectively uses educational technology to teach a concept of math, I can across the particular WebQuest of Escape from Shape Town. The objectives of this WebQuest are for the children to be able to: know different types of 2D shapes: square, rectangle, circle, rhombus, triangle draw different types of 2D shapes, be able to recognize and explain the different features of different types of 2D shapes, to use tally marks to collect information, and to record information in categories of the type of shape and the features. This WebQuest is designed for lower primary school age children such as K-2 learning the subject of Math.
In our textbook we see many different learning theories but one that stands out and goes directly with this particular WebQuest is that of Gagne’s events of instruction. Gagne put together a model of nine events of instruction. The way Gagne's theory is put into practice is as follows: gain the attention of the students, describe the goal, remind the student of prior knowledge relevant to the current lesson, present the material to be learned, provide guidance for learning, practice the newly acquired information, provide them with feedback, assess their performance, and give them ways to help enhance their retention of the subject. The events in essence become the framework for the lesson plan or steps of instruction.
When evaluating the WebQuest I noticed many things that lead me to the conclusion this resourceful and suitable to use in the classroom. There were appropriate and appealing graphic elements, and the differences in type size and/or color are used well.…