Wellness Wheel Essay

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Phung Chau
Wellness wheel assignment

My wheel ness chart shows me that I am in a good condition but there is one thing that I want to improve is my “communication skills,” because I think it is important for me in the society. Having better communication skills helps me understand people conversations, also to help me to start building better relationships with others. Because English is not my first language so I am really bad of speaking of people or communicate in the international communities. When I couldn't speak English correctly, I will be distracted and confused then I will get stuck in the conversation. It would affect on me as well as I will be stressed. For example on page “xxv” in the wellness workbook, the picture shows that there is a problem in the pipe itself, something is stuck in the middle of the pipe so it caused the amount of water going slow through the faucet to the output. It could make a seriously affected if it does not get fixed as soon as possible. So I think , I really need to improve my communication skill as well, so I can catch up what people say and join the conversation in a natural way. I want to make myself having better feeling when I talk the people who speak different languages. I want my life to be look like the first picture on page “xxv” which is good presented because the water is going through easily. Ideally, it is clear, fresh and free-flowing. So I will not being worried ahead about how I'm going to speak in front of people and help them understand me more, understand my language. My family is what makes me proud of me. They were the one who understand me the most, I feel really comfortable when we talk to each other by our language, I feel happy inside when I know they understand all the words that I'm saying. Vietnamese is my first language, I feel confident ,it gives me more strength to talk, and easily going during Vietnamese conversation with my family and friends.

From this assignment, I realized that I really need to improve my communication skill, to do that, I would like to set up my goal and start to do it from today. My goal at this time is “ Speaking English Fluency and Correctly.” Every time when I talked to others people, they were having hard time to understand me and I tried to repeat it many time but couldn't get any better, I got angry. I felt bad for myself and unhappy inside. I want to speak English as good as I speak Vietnamese. I understand that it will take me a lot of time to learn and practice but if I have enough determination, I believe I will succeed and achieve this goal in two years.

First, I would like to start on my pronunciation because incorrect pronunciation is one of the biggest weaknesses of the majority of English learners. Learning pronunciation is an extremely important because of new right, listen well and communicate their ideas to the audience the most accurate. Especially for those just beginning to learn English just like me, the pronunciation is the top priority in