Employability, Personal And Communication Skills

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TASK 2: Employability, Personal & Communication skills.

Sales Assistant job in Bentalls (Kingston)

Employability Skills:-

Employability skills

Assess why each employability skill is important to Bentalls for a sales assistant and any job in general

Why must HR look for this employability skill when interviewing?
How important are employability skills to the successful running of the centre?
Rate from 1-5 (1=most important & 5=least important) Apply situations within the daily running of the centre
How do good employability skills ensure employees keep their jobs?

suitable qualifications

For sales assistant a suitable qualification would be C+ in Maths and English, this is because they would have to know calculations off by heart and also they have to know basic English to communicate with the customers.
HR must look for this employability skill even before interviewing to ensure that the candidate has the qualification so that they can process the application and call them through for the interview.
2- It would be important because this is what they would require the most when applying for the job as this decides if you have the qualifications to apply or the job or if you are suitable for the job. Because they would require someone who can speak English and can do basic maths otherwise they would struggle to communicate or if calculating something manually.

experience in similar role

This is required so the candidate have knowledge of what they will be doing, and what they want each sales assistant to be like.
HR must look for this skill to see if the candidate has had any sort of experience so they can see if the candidate is capable of the job.
2- It would be important because the candidate would need some sort of experience and idea of what they will be doing. If they don’t have any sort of experience then it would be difficult for them to work in a retail environment.

Knowledge of products/services

This would mean that the candidate would already have the skill and this is not necessary in training.
HR must look for this skill to know if the candidate has any sort of knowledge of the products to be able sell it to a potential