Learning and Siddhartha Essay

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Knowledge and Wisdom

Ashley Fox

Siddhartha Final

March 20, 2013

In real life our heads work differently, sometimes for the worst and other times for the best. While searching for knowledge and wisdom we over look some of the positive things in life but also the negatives. In Siddhartha’s case he has learned he needs to become something bigger and better than what he already is.

In the novel “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse, there is a young boy names Siddhartha that goes through many obstacles and paths to find himself full of knowledge as well as wisdom. For example siddharthas knowledge shouldn’t only be learned it should be lived.”But where were the Brahmans, where the priests, where the wise men or penitents, who had succeeded in not just knowing this deepest of all knowledge but also to live it?”.(Chapter 1) Siddhartha demonstrates his knowledge by leaving Kamala and becoming disappointed with the world. Also throughout the novel Siddhartha holds onto the knowledge he was taught by the ferryman and the river. Overtime Siddhartha learns that he deeply cares and loves for the boy he had father figured. Even though the boy is spoiled, his sons departure had made him realize and experience the pain of love, in which he had made his father go through. In Siddhartha’s young years he learned wisdom of his Brahmin heritage and the skills of the Samanas also the teachings of Gotama. Siddhartha doesn’t argue to argue he argues because he sees sense in his thoughts. He is a truthful seeker. An example of this is when “Vasudeva rose. "It is late," he said, "let's go to sleep. I can't tell you that other thing, oh