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The two students I chose are two 7th graders that I had as 6th graders last year. All of my students I serve currently have academic goals as well as behavior goals. I will refer to them as D and P for confidentiality.

D has been in a behavior focused classroom since he has been in pre-k. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. He is currently working 3 grade levels below in reading and math. For science and social studies the content is at grade level but is a remedial version. This has been a struggle with all my students because their reading level is usually lower than the remedial textbooks. D also has difficulty with any type of writing and has poor handwriting. D also has a difficult time keeping is things organized as do a lot of students with ADHD.
Next year I plan to use a binder with sections for each subject. I will make sure that everything that goes into the notebook has holes punched and is put on the rings in the correct sections. I will also give D a folder to go with his binder that has four pockets that can be labeled “Do”, “Fix”, “Turn-in” and “Take Home”. Another thing to help keep him organized is coloring coding by subject. Most of my students keep their materials at the cubicle some use their lockers. I will develop a locker/cubicle checklist for them to refer to when getting ready to go home so they don’t forget anything they may need to take home to finish or study. Note taking is difficult for D. I would provide him with an outline to follow when taking notes or when reading the text. I think D would also benefit from using tape that can be removed from his book to help highlight important information. D likes to use highlighters on worksheets and would like to be able to do something equivalent to that in his textbook. I know that it will take time for D to get used to the new things and be taught the proper way to use these items. I hope to see him more able to work independently and to take more time studying. If he doesn’t want to always take notes by hand I also want to give him the opportunity to take some notes