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Case Study 1

1 - The learning theory I have chosen to use for Aisha is the Humanistic learning theory. I have chosen this theory as it creates an atmosphere in which the learner believes that you want them to learn. I feel this fits Aisha, as it will give her a positive environment that will install the confidence she needs to succeed.

Humanistic learning theory is also learner centred and takes into consideration the learner’s previous experience in life. This would benefit Aisha, as it will enable her to use her current skills and build on them. This will install confidence in her ability.

The humanistic learning theory considers that all people are capable of learning. This links closely with Aisha’s situation, as at the moment she feels excluded and depressed. By applying this learning theory she will feel included and will find that her abilities can be worked on and developed.

Also this theory looks at expressing the dignity, worth and self-esteem of the learner. This will benefit Aisha as her situation has led to disbelieve in herself. With this learning approach she will be able to build on her self-esteem through achievement, building relationships and progress.

Humanistic theory also looks at The Hierarchy of Human needs, this states that needs must be satisfied before effective learning can take place. Here this theory applies to Aisha as I have enrolled her in informal social sessions, which will meet her emotional needs and also in formal education sessions, which will meet her intellectual, needs. Through each of these needs being met plus her son attending school and after-school education she will feel less intimidated by learning and will engage in a more positive learning experience.

2 - For Aisha to experience an all round learning process I aim to involve her in both formal and informal learning. By doing this I am able to meet both her intellectual and emotional needs.

Aisha’s Formal learning will include –

Computer class ECDL
Language class ESOL

Aisha’s Informal learning will include –

Parent group
Asylum seeker support and integration group
After school care
Adult education and leisure classes

I have assembled this learning plan based on the Aisha’s needs, assets and circumstances. Within these opportunities Aisha will be able to gain qualifications that will build her confidence and relationships. These will enable her to become more included within society and gain life skills. 4 – I’ve constructed this learning plan for Aisha based on her needs, assets and circumstances. I have considered that Aisha would need support in childcare and then aimed to meet and develop her socially and academically.

Firstly I have enrolled Aisha in two formal learning classes.

ESOL is my first choice. The aim of this course is to develop Aisha’s language skills and in turn will develop her confidence with communication and enable her to become more actively involved in building relationships with others.

Secondly I have chosen to enroll Aisha in an EDCL course.

Aisha will gain a globally recognised qualification. This will allow her to add to her current skills in computing within a classroom environment. Within this course Aisha will meet with other individuals and will become more confidence in her abilities and skills.

Both of these courses look to improve Aisha’s chances of getting back into the working industry.

I have also enrolled Aisha in five informal learning sessions within Hillcroft Community Learning Centre. Learning groups are as follows:

Parent group – Aisha’s place within this group will give her the chance to involve herself with other parents in her community. This will enable her to build relationships with other people in the same situation as her.

Asylum seeker support and integration group – I enrolled Aisha into this group to promote her inclusion within her own community and allow her to