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AP Language and Composition
Composition #4 – Synthesis Essay
Learning at Your Own Pace Blended Learning is a very controversial topic between students and teachers alike. Many teachers like how the students are able to go as their own pace and they can keep track of their progress. Most of the students on the other hand, don’t think they are that great because of the lack of communication with the teachers and the huge class sizes they have to endure. I go through this problem every day, being in a class of 72, but, unlike my peers, I find blended learning a great experience. Not only do we get to keep our own pace going through the power points and being able to get the homework done early and turn it in so we don’t have to worry about the due dates anymore. Blended Learning is a great addition to schools by letting students teach themselves, helping them learn faster and easier and saving schools money. In a classroom of about 50 students and having computers of your own, students are able to go their own speed of learning and have the freedom of doing your work when you want it done – well, before the due date of course. Emerson says in his article about education, “The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. It is not for you to choose what he shall know, what he shall do.” (105). This tells us that the one way a child can learn is by learning something they are interested in and those they can learn on their own pace. In the Psychology class I take, the 72 students with me in the lecture hall find it much easier to learn the hard science of Psychology. It’s better for us to be able to read through the power points outside of school and re-read notes we take on our computers to prepare for our big tests. All these have helped me keep my grade up and do well on all the college level class tests we have to take. Many schools have reported that after creating a Blended lab, their students have learned faster and easier in their classrooms. Not only do they have unlimited access to their class work, but they have the notes being completed right in front of them on their computers. Mart Bart saying in her article Trends in Higher Education that, “Since redesigning his general chemistry course from a traditional to blended format three years ago, Shibley has watched the course average rise by nearly 25 percent.” This shows that students are more engaged in their learning and studies. Many of my friends take a good amount of their classes in a Blended lab and they say that it makes it easier for them to focus on the classroom. One of my close friends takes Algebra 2A in a Blended lab and instead of failing like she would normally; she’s passing with straight A’s. This shows that being in a blended classroom helps students be more