Learning Business Knowledge In A Second Language

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Luo Meng
Professor Joline Keevy
29 September 2014 Learning Business Knowledge in a Second Language
Nowadays, study abroad becomes popular. The attraction is quite simple: a graduate degree in some developed countries is worth a lot. English speaking country seems become the first choice. At the same time, an investigation research in 2013s shows that people prefer choosing business as their major because they think it is valuable. They think “English is the primary language of communication in the global business world.”(Kuiper) However, with study abroad now a fashion, a problem appeared unavoidably that the English ability of some students can not meet the requirement of daily communication in English speaking country, not to mention the business major courses of study. Taking class in English becomes a challenge. The issue of language barrier is only getting worse even affects students’ academic success.
A researcher analyzes the reason, he said “most international students just take English class in their country without using it in their daily life, when they start to lie in an English world, they become helpless.”(Silva, Tony J) Even for some business major students the challenge they face is not only the English language but also the business knowledge. “There is a conflict, a professional knowledge study require students have a good level of English and basic knowledge skills, but it seems any entrance examination failed to prove that it can tests students accurately.” Silva emphasized. The students passed examination still have problem in studying major class in a second language, for example, students feel difficult in learning business knowledge because there are lots of knowledge should be memorized and comprehended.
A news said due to language barriers, the opportunity to interact with local students may be limited for those students who take part in studying aboard programs from non-English speaking countries (Mancini-Cross, 2009). Likewise, the extent of students’ experientially learning about diversity and cultural communication may be influenced by the language barriers. ( Moghaddam, J. M). It is difficult to attend college but easy to graduate in China, while it is easy to attend college but difficult to graduate in foreign country. I was aware of the meaning since I came to USA. When I was in China, we took notes in class and passed the exam well so that we can get a good grade, while in USA, when we take business class we study more cases from true working environment and we do more simulations, it always takes a long time to adapt to this new teaching method and you are supposed to have enough English ability to communicate with your partners. Nobody wants to leave behind while students