Learning Communities and Motivations Essay example

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Learning communities and Student Motivations A learning community is a setting in which individuals within the community have the same goals, common relationships, and show concern for one and other. Learning communities are very important, and as teachers we need to be able to make our classroom a productive, great and fun learning community in order for our students to be engaged. Students need to be engaged at every part of the day, lesson and even assignments. Creating a positive learning community it is not an easy job. Teachers need to be prepared for anything in the classroom. Having a positive community setting can help a lot, because students need to know that teachers expect more from them. Teachers need to make children be …show more content…
These visuals can be vocabulary words, math tips, reading or punctuation rules etc. I believe the first years of teaching can be difficult, first of all setting up the classroom and accommodate it in a way it looks and feels comfortable for the children and of course the teacher. With time I think modifying an activity, the classroom or a lesson will be a piece of cake. As I pursuit the career of teaching I try to get as much as experience as I can, I try to be involved in the community. I also love to observe and help out in the elementary classrooms so I can get a little taste of what the real world will be once I graduate and get a job. When I make my observations and service learning hours I try to gain as much experience as I can, I take pictures, write down notes and get tips from the teacher so I can have in my portfolio and of course for memories, than will help me in the future. I believe it is very important to learn as much as I can now as a student so once I become a certified teacher I can be more than ready and be a wonderful teacher for my