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Successful students read the text and complete at least some of the homework before class. After class, please complete the remaining homework. You will turn in homework each Monday and Friday. To really understand the material, you should identify and grapple with points of confusion. Successful students spend a minimum of TEN HOURS PER WEEK studying and completing homework outside of class.
Several times during the quarter, you will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with classmates on a class activity related to your studies. You may also have the opportunity to engage in peer assessment. Sometimes these assignments will be collected and scored; sometimes I will simply make note of your level of participation in a collaborative process.
I understand that the math that you will study this quarter is rich and challenging. I will do my best to provide you with useful learning opportunities. And I understand and expect that you will have questions. Your moments of confusion and your questions are not a sign that you can’t learn this material; they simply signify that there is more for you to learn right now. I expect you to put your full effort into this class; I expect you to do the best that you can.
You can drop the course by Oct. 6 with no grade. After this, you may drop the course by Nov. 15 with a W grade. In every case, a student is responsible for dropping him/herself. All students on the final grade roster who have not dropped, will receive a grade (not a W). If you do not take the final, you will receive an F. Warning: I may drop students prior to Nov. 15th if they appear to no longer be attending. So keep in touch about your plans, since I cannot reinstate you once I drop you.
If for any reason a natural disaster closes the campus on an exam day, the exam will be rescheduled.
Grades can only be changed in cases of clerical error, and changes made for any other reason constitute the falsifying of records and are illegal.
Please view your profile on MyPortal to make sure that your email and other contact information is current. For workload and confidentiality reasons, I will not discuss student grades and progress via email. Please visit my office for such discussions.
I have posted all of the Day 1 Materials on COURSE STUDIO. I will continue to post documents to that location throughout the quarter. From the Foothill College Home Page, click on the link to MyPortal Login. Once you login to MyPortal, click the Student tab. Under the MY COURSES tab on the left of the screen, click the link “Go To My Courses and Instructor Email.” Find our course under “Courses I’m Attending.” Once you click on our course, you will see a left navigation bar. Click “Files” to explore what I have posted so far. Important note: You must click on triangles next to folders in order to open them and see what’s inside. Until you click to open them, they might appear to be empty!
Students will build upon their algebra skills to develop modeling skills and deepen their understanding of functions.
Upon successful completion of the course:
 A successful student will be able to model real-life phenomenon using linear, polynomial, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic and rational functions, use the model to make predictions, and interpret solutions within the context of the real-life phenomenon.
 A successful student will be able to apply trigonometric functions, identities, and Laws of Sine and Cosine to solve applications problems.
 A successful student will be able to define, graph, and demonstrate appropriate applications of vectors and parametric equations.
If you are considering a degree in Science, Technology, Math, or Engineering, then you may be eligible for a scholarship. The National Science Foundation is…