Learning Difficulties In Australia

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Slide 1 – Introduction
Dear parents, teachers and members from the Department of Education Australia,
My name is Claire Gordon, and I am a trained physiologist from the Learning Difficulties Australia program. In my role as a specialist on the effect learning difficulties have on adolescents, I am here today, to present to you my knowledge about learning difficulties, and the change I believe is required in school communities throughout Australia. With my expertise in this area, I strongly believe there needs to be a change in order to improve the health outcomes of adolescents with learning difficulties.

Slide 2 – What is a Learning Difficulty?
Often, when we think of the term ‘Learning Difficulty’ we refer to an individual’s difficulty
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This disruptive behaviour then begins to affect the learning environment of other students, making it inequitable for students without learning difficulties. Students with this adolescent health issue need to have access to a supportive environment, where they can receive support from specialists, who are trained to deal with students and assist them in their development. Kenmore State High School is fortunate to have a Learning Centre, where students who have learning difficulties are able to interact with teachers and other students to ease the problems obtained through classrooms such as disruptions and social situations. Unfortunately, this arrangement often isolates students with learning difficulties from other students in the school, therefore making it inequitable due to their inability to engaging in normal classroom …show more content…
Finland adopts a method for learning disabilities which involves placing high value on teacher’s professionalism, through collaborative and consultative teaching. Australia needs to put a focus on the education and training of teachers throughout schools, in order to increase in-class support for students with learning difficulties. If schools are unable to make Learning Centres available to adolescents with learning difficulties, there needs to be another method of support in order to cater for a diverse range of students in school communities throughout Australia. If teachers are able to be involved in training and education practices, they will be able to provide the required support in classrooms for adolescents with learning difficulties, thus creating a supportive environment for students. This will allow students to be able to participate in normal classroom situations, making it equitable for students with difficulties. This will ensure that students are no longer isolated, and are able to reduce the risks of become excluded or bullied as a result of their learning difficulty. In order to train teachers, it will require funding in order to develop a program that will be available to a wide range of communities and states across Australia in efforts to build a healthy public policy. To do this, the Department of Education can ensure that if