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While deployed I attended and participated in a 10 kilometer race held in honor of our fallen troops on memorial day , it was called the “boulder to boulder memorial elevation run”. I showed up to the race two hours early so I could warm up and hear all the memorial speeches. As I was running in my heat I was watching other participants running, jogging, and even walking during the race. I noticed people of all different heights and sizes attended the event. I had heard rumors in the past that if your tall and thin you must be a good runner and I saw many people who fit this stereotype up in the front of the race but I noticed them in the back as well. As the top runners approached the finish line I noticed that all of them had very lean body types, long fluid strides, and were breathing deeply and evenly. I spoke with the winner after he caught his breath. I asked if he had been training for this specific event. He responded by stating that he trains for full marathons and that he does these five kilometer races for fun and the majority of the time they are for a good cause. About twenty to thirty minutes later the last of the runners from the first heat began to come in for the finish. I noticed that many of them were heavier set men and women that were completely covered in sweat and breathing extremely heavy. Everyone could clearly see that these people were struggling but were still in good spirits and determined to finish. I spoke with one of the women who was in the